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Welcome to Stair Ropes UK. Brought to you by RopeServices UK. We wanted to give the customer the chance to design and build their own bannister ropes with our new Customized Stair Rope . Select from our extensive range of ropes, select everything from the diameter of the rope to the colour of the bannister rope fittings. We believe that we offer one of the largest bannister rope selections in the UK.

Bannister Ropes add an attractive focal point to any staircase, adding not only safety but practicality as well. Our Stair Ropes are handmade at our factory in the North East of England using traditional methods which we have perfected over the years.

All our stair ropes come complete with a man rope knot at either end, or a soft eye splice finished with a deluxe seizing of polished hemp twine, known as worming. All of our bannister ropes come with the first and last fitting fixed into position with the rest of the brackets free moving. Our ropes are available from 24mm (1″)  to maximum 36mm (1.5″) in diameter with fittings and wooden mounts to suit every size.

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