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Natural Hemp Bannister Rope Configurator

Natural Hemp Bannister Rope Configurator

Introducing our Natural Hemp Bannister Rope Configurator – the innovative solution to elevate your staircase with a touch of eco-friendly sophistication. Crafted from premium natural hemp fibers, our bannister ropes seamlessly marry functionality with sustainable style.

With our user-friendly online configurator, you become the designer, shaping a bannister rope that perfectly aligns with your vision. Choose from a range of customization options to make your bannister rope uniquely yours:

Craft the perfect thickness to suit your aesthetic taste and practical needs, whether you prefer a slender and sleek design or a more robust and substantial feel. Tailor the length to seamlessly integrate with your staircase dimensions, ensuring a precise fit for both safety and style.

Explore an array of natural hemp hues, allowing you to match your bannister rope to your existing decor effortlessly. From earthy neutrals to subdued tones, find the perfect color to complement your home.

Experiment with different styles, adding a personalized touch to your staircase. Whether you lean towards a casual, relaxed twist or a more structured design, our configurator lets you create a bannister rope that reflects your unique style.

Add the finishing touches with customizable end finishes, from classic knots to spliced eyes. Further personalise your bannister rope with a selection of hardware options.

With the Natural Hemp Bannister Rope Configurator, designing your own sustainable bannister rope is a breeze. Embrace the eco-friendly charm and durability of natural hemp while enjoying the freedom to create a bannister rope that seamlessly integrates with your home.

Upgrade your living space with the understated elegance of natural hemp, expertly crafted to your specifications. Transform your staircase into a statement piece that not only enhances safety but also reflects your commitment to sustainable living. Design your perfect bannister rope effortlessly with the Natural Hemp Bannister Rope Configurator – because every home deserves a touch of personalised, eco-conscious style.

Choose from our selection of Standard and Low Profile Fittings to add a touch of elegance to your stair rope. Our Handrail Brackets, meticulously crafted from a single piece of brass using cutting-edge CAD design and mill technology, provide a sophisticated finish. While ideally suited for stair bannister ropes, they are versatile enough for use with decking rope and in crowd control applications. All bannister ropes come with pre-attached fittings. The man rope knots are securely positioned, and other fittings are provided loose for easy customization to your desired location.

Fitting Sizes
Tailor your handrail brackets to perfection with the following size options:

Standard Handrail Brackets Low Profile Handrail Brackets
24mm - 7.5cm 24mm - 6.5cm
28mm - 8cm 28mm - 7cm
32mm - 9cm 32mm - 8cm
36mm - 10cm 36mm - 8.5cm
40mm - 12.5cm 40mm - N/A

Wooden Mounts
Explore our Handmade Wooden Mounts, tailored for RopeServices UK. We recommend pairing Wooden Mounts with all Bannister Rope Fittings, suitable for every size bracket ranging from 24mm to 36mm. As these mounts are handmade, the type of wood may vary over time, adding a unique touch to your installation. All mounts are suitable for wood staining, varnishing, painting, and oiling.

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